New More Transparency Portal

Last day April 28, TicAPP made available in the first release of the new More Transparency Portal, which presents information on various topics of management of public resources of the Portuguese State.

The presentation session was attended by the Prime Minister, António Costa, the Minister of Planning, Nelson de Souza, the Minister of State Modernisation and Public Administration, Alexandra Leitão, the European Commissioner, Elisa Ferreira, among other members of the executive.

A modern and demanding society is linked to an incessant demand for information on new services and functionalities, in particular with regard to the dynamics of the functioning of the Public Administration. More rigour, more clarity, more open data, more citizenship, more confidence, more transparency.

The More Transparency Portal starts with a thematic area of great relevance to society: European funds. This thematic area will make available, immediately and in an accessible way, information about Portugal 2020 and the Recovery and Resilience Plan, whose application has recently been submitted.

This first phase follows three more by the end of the year, which will add new information segments: The State Budget, the increase in information on the Structural Funds, namely Portugal 2030, and the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

In the Portal homepage we can find a prominent area with the main indicators of interest to users, as well as the summary of the available information, the plan of evolution of the Portal and links to other sites related to the theme “transparency”.

In the area dedicated to the European Union Funds, the portal presents a generic view of the theme and deals with the most relevant concepts associated with it, making it easier for citizens to understand and use.

The first prominent area is the Barometer: A general overview of the main figures on European Funds in Portugal, progressively detailing data on priority investment areas, carried out by region and municipalities, evolving into the detail of each project and associated beneficiaries.

The analyses accessible in the More Transparency Portal result from the processing and presentation of the available data through, the National Open Data Portal, which provides a data sheet on the calculation of the data.

The More Transparency Portal was developed to meet the requirements of digital accessibility, ensuring the use by all citizens with disabilities or limitations.

There are a set of functionalities associated with each of the data areas of the portal that allow detailing the analysis of the information, notably through the presentation of charts, data sheets and file export.

In the case of the European Funds, the project involves the Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA), and the Agency for Development and Cohesion (ADC). This logic of work will be replicated in future areas of the Portal, which are being drawn with other public administration entities.

Three major concerns are highlighted in the design and construction of the More Transparency Portal: The language, simple and accessible to any citizen, the ease of access to information, free text searches and with the possibility of introducing filters, accessibility, colors, patterns, sources and different forms of access to data, with possibility of access in various types of devices.