– the platform for citizenship participatory processes is the platform of Public Administration that will support
citizenship participatory processes, in which citizens present proposals and decide, using safe and reliable technologies.

The platform results from a measure of the iSimplex 2019 program called “Participa 5.0”, and will be an important tool for all phases of a participatory process, such as participatory budgets, and other initiatives that are developed in favor of public participation, such as competitions or public consultations.

The Blockchain technology, on which the platform is based, brings advantages such as transparency: The votes will be stored in a public, decentralised and unchanging repository, which means they can be audited by all, preserving anonymity. It ensures security with a decentralised architecture and a mechanism that ensures the immutability of voting.

Although it is not necessary to do an authentication to submit a proposal, the Digital Mobile Key authentication allows a better experience of use, giving access to the reserved area of the citizen, where it is possible, for example, to monitor the evolution of the proposals submitted and even to change them.

The Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz is the first entity adhering to the platform. There are two ongoing initiatives: Participatory Budget and Young Participatory Budget. Both initiatives aim to promote the participation of citizens through the submission and choice of proposals and projects to be included in the budget and activity plan of the municipality for next year.