Bússola - Portuguese Public Administration Intranet

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The Bússola, presents itself as a platform, capable of guiding each worker of the Public Administration throughout the digital ecosystem of the Portuguese Republic, facilitating access and connection to all content and functionality relevant to their daily lives, improving the efficiency and mission of each worker.
It is a collaborative workspace, where it is possible to gather, in cross-cutting projects, much of the talent of the teams at the service of the common good of citizens.

Government area: Cross-sectoral

Single platform to support existing participatory and citizenship procedures, making use of blockchain technology for the attribution of votes to citizens (iSimplex Measure #92).

Government area: Cross-sectoral


Intelligent Management of Face-to-face Service

Technological solution based on Advanced Data Analysis and AI tools, in order to balance the demand and supply of public services in the face-to-face channel.

It allows to evaluate the efficiency of the services in the face-to-face channel, simulate scenarios and their impacts of the service, at a specific moment, and propose solutions for improvement (Measure #99 of iSimplex).

Government area: Cross-sectoral

Review of the IS Architecture of the Municipal Transparency Portal

Review of the information system architecture  of the Municipal Transparency Portal, in order to ensure its technical and functional evolution and rationalization of maintenance costs of the solution.

Government area: Internal Administration

State Property Management Solution

Reengineering of the processes associated with the Management of the State's Real Estate Assets and support to the Preparation of the Requirements Document, in partnership with the DGTF.

Government area: Finance

Guide to digital transformation projects

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This manual serves as a guide for project teams in the creation of digital public services focused on citizens, companies or employees.

The framework used in this guide, and defined by the TicAPP team for the execution of their activities within the scope of the digital transformation of the Portuguese Public Administration (PPA) allows Public Agencies to take advantage of the guidelines, documents and practical examples presented here.

Government area: Cross-sectoral

IS architecture of the GeoNorte platform for the CCDRN

Evaluation and diagnosis of the current situation with regard to the Information Systems architecture of CCDRNorte, within the scope of Territory and Environment Management.

Analysis of functional requirements, identification of technical requirements and support to the planning of the project to implement the new GeoNorte platform.

Government area: Planning


Process Reengineering and Drafting of Requirements Document

Process Reengineering and the elaboration of the Requirements Document, in the context of the é@Autêntico project that aims to obtain considerable gains in productivity, flexibility, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency of management, in the authentication of digital content. This project, executed with IGAC's team, is part of a Simplex measure. 

Government area: Arts

Management property solution

Functional and Technological Evaluation

Analysis of the Functional Requirements identified for a Real Estate Asset Management solution for ESTAMO.

Identification and Analysis of Technical Requirements.

Technical Evaluation of Platforms and Recommendations Report.

Government area: Finance

AUTENTICAÇÃO.GOV and APP Portable Digital Key

UX analysis and recommendations of improvement

Usability Testing of web and mobile solutions AUTENTICACAO.GOV.

Elaboration of a set of improvement proposals to be implemented in these applications, in order to improve the user experience and increase the adherence to these services by citizens.

Government area: Cross-sectoral

Best practices Guide of Usability for Mobile Applications

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With the growing use of mobile devices in Internet access, we have published a guide of good usability practices for the development of mobile applications, addressing the specificities present in these devices, in order to ensure easy and universal access to mobile applications of public services and expand the scope and detail of content available on the website.

Government area: Cross-sectoral

Review of IS architecture of FA-AP

In collaboration with ESPAP, a study was carried out on the scenarios for the future evolution of the Information Systems Architecture of the Public Administration Electronic Invoicing Solution (FE-AP) with the aim of ensuring its functional and technological evolution, as well as mitigating possible risks of service discontinuity.

Government area: Finance


In collaboration with ANSR, and with the contributions of PSP and GNR, TicAPP carried out the survey of requirements and the design of a Business Intelligence Solution that provides an integrated view of road-code related offences from different entities and different data sources, thus contributing to support ANSR in the planning, coordination and monitoring of road safety, and to increase the efficiency of the processes resulting from the application of road offence law.

Government area: Internal Administration