Improve the quality of public services available for citizens and companies through the design and use of Information Technologies.

Thus, our main objectives are:

A) Integrate services focusing on the needs of the end user (User Centric Design).

B) Speed up and increase the efficiency of digital services development and other government solutions, using agile methodologies for gathering requirements and optimisation of processes.

C) Promote the use and facilitate the integration with technological solutions and platforms across Public Administration.

D) Build common platforms and accelerators for the Data Analysis and Digitalisation of Services.

E) Help improving the performance and relationship of  Public Administration with citizens and business by using Data Analytics solutions, spurring a data-driven decision culture that leverages the knowledge uncovered in the vast amount of data held by the different entities.

F) Develop, train and disseminate best practices and digital skills in public services, manage talent in this domain and extend competencies through the TicAPP Digital Services Team.